TaskRabbit Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

TaskRabbit Review

Well as usual this make money online blog has been left by the wayside as I spend all my time on my niche sites and try to build search engine traffic to make easy money online. Of course making money online isn’t easy but once you get the wheels turning and build up the momentum you can start to get a snowball effect and I’m starting to get the benefits of this myself. But in the beginning you have to put in incredible amounts of work, something that the majority of people aren’t willing to do even if they know what they are doing.

Is TaskRabbit a Scam?

On top of that there are the people capable of putting in the work who get discouraged before they see the fruits of their labor. Its something I see at the Keyword Academy occasionally, some of the members are more than capable of doing the work and understand the concepts being taught but they start to get disheartened when the money doesn’t start to come in quick enough. Thankfully there is enough support in the Keyword Academy that when their is a hint of this happening the troops rally and give pep talks to get people back on track.

What does this mean you? If you are struggling to make money Online then its down to either:

No matter which one of these problems is yours joining the Keyword Academy is the best thing you can do source to reach your personal make money online goals.

Is TaskRabbit Legit?

If you think that none of the points above points apply to you and you are trying unsuccessfully to make money with adsense or through affiliate marketing then you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Truth is that you have probably been sold far too many e-books by the Internet Marketing gurus or you have bought into programs such as Google Terminator and found that they don’t do what they say on the tin. You aren’t going to learn anything from the gurus $47 books because they don’t what they are doing either. They make money buy selling books about who to make money online.

Does TaskRabbit Work?

Finding an Internet Marketer that deals with people in an ethical, honest manner is almost impossible and that’s why members of the Keyword Academy are so grateful to have found Court and Mark before they waste any more time.
Yes I sell the Keyword Academy hard, but I truly believe its by far the best way for anyone to learn to earn money online. In fact I’m so confident you will think its the best Internet Marketing decision you ever make that if you sign up through my banner above and don’t think its worth the money I’ll refund double your first months payment (yes, that will only be $2 but I’m a cheap bastard!).

After that rant I’ll give you an update for my Online earnings which I have been keeping to myself over the last few months due to being too busy to update this blog.

So here is a rough estimate of my affiliate and Adsense earnings for the last 3 months:

When I started this blog way back in April my aim was to be making $50 a day by the 1st of July, something that I realize very quickly wasn’t realistic. Remember this was before I had even joined the Keyword Academy so I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

How To Get Started With TaskRabbit

The thing is that by the time the 1st of July rolled round and I had just made $400 for June in Adsense I would never have believed it possible to be making over $4000 in October. So how did it happen? Well if you read the beginning of the post you will know it had something to do with:

Simples. But I have had another trick up my sleeve and that was that I got lucky. There are people at the Keyword academy that know the course material better than me and take just as much massive action as me, but the are still only making $100 in monthly earnings. I have no doubt that these members will eventually be making a fortune its just going to take them longer to see that big leap in income.

Apart from the luck factor there have been another couple of things that I can say have contributed to my recent success.

Well, like I have said I have worked damn hard the last few months, my social life is now almost non-existent and my laptop is my best friend but it feels like it has been worthwhile. I still feel like I have a load more to learn but I am getting there and every site I build feels easier than the last.

Another important factor has been moving away from Adsense to affiliate programs with high converting websites and high percentage payout. Obviously you can’t do this with all your sites but if you have some with traffic and there are suitable affiliate products out there I recommend playing around with this and seeing what you can achieve.

Right this post has been long enough and was only supposed to be a keyword rich earnings update, must get back to work.

I’d have to agree that working your ass off is one of the main reasons people fail. Keyword research is the one thing that can make or break you in this business. Get that wrong and your going to struggle. But hard work comes a close second for sure. Congrats on your earnings, you’ve no doubt done the work.